Paragliding Hotel Donna Rosa

Paragliding Hotel Donna Rosa

Flying over the sea

Paragliding is one of the outdoor activities that most fascinates flight lovers. The sense of freedom that accompanies this outdoor experience is among the most sensational one can experience. The idea of ​​admiring unforgettable landscapes from a unique perspective seduces to the point of not being able to give it up, once tried. Whether it's in the mountains, sea or plains, the paragliding flight is always an incredible emotion!

Flying is everyone's dream and you can finally make it come true with us thanks to the collaboration of our hotel with the guys from EtnaFly, national flight sports school, who will put their professionalism at your disposal and let you live an experience unique giving you the opportunity to fly between the sea and the mountains!

What is Paragliding?

It is the simplest and lightest free flight vehicle in existence, used to launch into the void from steep mountain walls or from the top of a slope and then descend to the valley. It saw its birth from the end of the 60s. Its function is very simple: as the speed increases, the paraglider opens and inflates thanks to the air, thus allowing it to take flight. Once taken off, it uses its own weight to move forward and thus create the lift that supports it, exactly as an airplane would do. It can be managed in a simple enough way to sail the skies while admiring the surrounding landscape. Paragliding is now also a widely recognized sport, for which numerous competitions are held. And it is undoubtedly a hobby and a passion for many people all over the world.

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