Food and wine tastings

Food and wine tastings

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Food and wine is the set of enology and of the gastronomia, referring to a territory it is the union between the various types of wine and gastronomy vast and varied. Food and wine tourism is a journey aimed at discovering food and wine of a territory and through which the tourist can experience the local culture and acquire a sense of place.

In the tourist imagination, Italy is often synonymous with quality of life, which is declined both in relation to places and culture, and in relation to food. Wealth, variety, strong territorial roots and tradition are identifying elements of our food and wine heritage, which increasingly attract the attention of both Italian and foreign tourists

What are the Food and Wine Tastings?

Food and wine, which only in recent years has acquired academic dignity, is a discipline that studies the relationships between the territory - understood in a holistic and polysemic sense - and human activities aimed at the cultivation, transformation, trade and consumption of the products of the earth , whether these are drinks or foods. By food and wine we mean not only the set of products that a given community of people manages to produce and/or consume in relation to a territory, but also the "gastronomic thought" that underlies every choice and perception of food by individuals and society. The desire to get in touch with the culture and traditions of the place visited and the people who live there through food and wine has led to the development of a variety of food and wine experiences.

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